To maintain the integrity of the Leaderboard and prevent players from endlessly farming StarScore, StarHeroes limits the daily number of matches that contribute to the Leaderboard to the top 3 matches.

This means that as a rule only 3 matches with the highest StarScore count toward the Daily StarScore.

However, Players can increase the "top 3 matches" limit by buying fuel with G-Bucks.

Unlike traditional energy systems in mobile games, this fuel system does not restrict gameplay but rather incentivizes players to engage in at least three matches daily, with the option to pay for additional matches which will count towards the Leaderboard.

Fuel is available in various types and price points, allowing players to customize their experience and maximize their Daily StarScore earnings.

Fuel Types

There are three types of fuel:

  • Starter Pack - increases the "top 3 matches" limit by 5 matches

  • Voyager Pack - increases the "top 3 matches" limit by 7 matches

  • Premium Packs - increases the "top 3 matches" limit by 10 matches

Your unused Fuel carries over to the next day. This means that any remaining Fuel at the end of the day will be added to your 'top 3 matches' limit for the following day.


  • Using Fuel is essential for accumulating higher StarScore and therefore advancing in the Leaderboard rankings.

Understanding the intricate details of the Fuel system, Hero mechanics, and Leaderboard dynamics enhances the player's strategic approach to the game.

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