Fuel is a crucial element in the game, determining the player's ability to participate in matches and progress on the Leaderboard. Below is a structured breakdown of information related to Fuel.

Fuel serves as the keystone in this game, dictating matches, progression, and strategic decisions. With three types and crafting options, understanding Fuel dynamics is crucial. From determining match boosts to influencing the Leaderboard, Fuel plays a central role in shaping the gaming experience and reaping rewards. Let's delve into the concise intricacies of the Fuel system.

  1. Fuel Types:

    • There are three types of fuel: Regular, Enriched, and Rocket.

    • Each type has different costs and provides varying boosts to Leaderboard's MatchScore, Merits, and Credit earnings.

  2. Fuel Consumption and Matches:

    • Fuel determines the number of matches a player can participate in.

    • Regular fuel offers standard benefits, while Enriched and Rocket fuels provide enhanced boosts at higher costs.

    • The Fuel gauge depletes after 5 matches unless refuelled.

  3. Fuel Renewal:

    • Fuel replenishes automatically every 24 hours.

    • Players gain the ability to play a specified or increased number of matches (after refuelling) that count towards the Leaderboard.

  4. Leaderboard:

    • Participating in matches and using premium Fuel is essential for accumulating higher MatchScore and therefore advancing in the Leaderboard rankings.

Understanding the intricate details of the Fuel system, Hero mechanics, and Leaderboard dynamics enhances the player's strategic approach to the game.

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