Weapon System

Weapon System

Explore the diverse array of weaponry at your disposal, with 9 distinct types offering unique tactical advantages. Each weapon boasts varying bullet speeds, introducing a strategic element to consider when aiming at opponents. Mastery of these nuances will be key to gaining the upper hand in battles.

  • MINIGUN A foundational weapon armed with laser precision. Excellent for close to medium-range combat, and investing in upgrades elevates its effectiveness to a potent level.

  • CKM 2000 An agile rapid-fire rifle employing lasers with an abundance of bullets. Suited for swift engagements at close to medium range, packing a punch with its rapid-fire capability.

  • VAPOR CANNON A swift laser rifle offering a slightly lower bullet count compared to the CKM 2000. A worthy alternative for those favouring rapid-fire mechanics. Thrives in short and medium-range combat scenarios.

  • FLAK CANNON An intricate weapon demanding precision for mastery. Inflicts substantial damage across all ranges, employing alternating dual beams for an impactful assault.

  • PROTON CANON A standout weapon in the StarHeroes arsenal, excelling at inflicting substantial damage irrespective of range. Unleashes powerful purple energy balls, a force to be reckoned with.

  • GAUSS CANNON A lethal sniper rifle demanding precision. Capable of taking down enemies swiftly with just a few accurate shots. Adaptable for short to long-range engagements, boasting the longest range among available weapons.

  • SPREAD CANNON A shotgun variant excelling within medium to close ranges. Highly effective in strategic ball control scenarios.

  • ELECTRIC WAVE GUN Emits electrically charged projectiles akin to the proton gun. Equally effective across all distances for a devastating impact.

  • PULSE GUN Comparatively slower than the minigun but offers enhanced precision. Tailored for short and medium-range engagements within the current lineup.

  • LASER GUN A dual laser beam emitter ideal for short-range combat. Highly effective in manipulating anomalies and directing the star seed, the ultimate ball in the game.

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