Decentralized User Acquisition

Allocated to incentivize the acquisition of new players. This token pool distribution aims to ensure that the game is decentralized and community-owned. Subject to the economically sustainable token release schedule.


Allocated to the Core Contributors, including the StarHeroes Team and Advisors. The foundation has the longest vesting schedule among all of the token pools.

Seed Round

This round is allocated to our early investors, including Venture Capitalists and community participants.

Pilot Early Contributors Round

Allocated to the most active community members, including early testers (pilots) and content creators.

Public Sale

Tokens allocated to the Public Sale participants on Ape Terminal, Moby and SpartaDex


Tokens allocated to the ByBit IDO participants.

GameSwift DAO Treasury

Tokens that are allocated to the GameSwift Community, with provisionally 8% assigned to the GS DAO Treasury and 2% directly to the GSWIFT Stakers (GS Pay and SAS).


This pool will be used for development and marketing purposes, as well as future fundraises and OTC deals. Due to its business nature and the requirement of non-confidentiality, it has more flexible release conditions.

Locked DAO Warchest

This pool is intended to be used for creating and sustaining the value of the STAR Token. The tokens might be used for such purposes as investments, potential mergers and acquisitions, as well strategic token swaps. Fully locked under Community DAO governance.


Allocated to liquidity provision for exchanges (CEX and DEX). Due to its nature, it requires flexible vesting. Locked until required.

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