📰Hero Duty Web App

Unleash Your $STAR Saga with the Hero Web Duty App

Hero NFTs are the main genesis NFT collection by the StarHeroes game. Upgrading your Heroes is key to climbing up the Leaderboard in the upcoming Public Access and boosting your $STAR rewards.

Now, you can send your Heroes on missions and increase their value in the Hero Duty Web App - a dedicated web browser game module tailored for StarHeroes enthusiasts.

Start your Hero duty here: https://duty.starheroes.community/.

Introduction to Hero Web Duty App

This unique web tool empowers Hero holders to undertake various actions to develop their Heroes. Each of these actions requires $STAR tokens.

Send your Heroes on missions, gain EXP, level up, and boost your StarScore on the Public Access Leaderboard for higher $STAR rewards:

  • Gain a competitive edge on the upcoming Public Access Leaderboard. The more missions completed, the higher your position on the Leaderboard.

  • Enhance the market value of your Hero NFTs by spending time on missions and leveling your Heroes up.

Remember, to boost your Leaderboard score you have to connect your wallet where Heroes are held to your GameSwift Platform account!

Missions — rewards

By sending your Heroes on missions in the Hero Duty Web App, you will:

  • Acquire Experience points which allow you to level Heroes up

  • Earn StarScore points which count for your Leaderboard position

Missions — key info

  • Each Hero can be sent on one of 3 missions (rank 1/2/3), each of which increases experience by a set value and has a fixed duration.

  • Each mission can be assigned to a Hero in normal and shortened duration (which costs more $STAR). This means you can accelerate your Hero’s mission time, save time, and boost your Hero to the max faster!

  • Mission titles and descriptions are reset regularly.

  • Daily StarScore Limitation: A user can send Heroes on an infinite number of missions, but only the top 10 StarScores will be considered per day.

Daily StarScore counter resets daily at 00:00 UTC

Leveling up — key info

  • Once you accumulate enough Experience points, you can increase your Hero’s level.

  • The level-up action can only be performed on Heroes who are not currently on a mission.

  • Leveling-up ALWAYS resets the experience to 0.

Leveling up — double boost

Each Hero level grants you a double boost to your Leaderboard score:

  1. StarScore that you earn by sending Heroes on missions increases with each Hero level

2. you will receive a StarScore BONUS after each game played depending on the level of your Hero which you selected in-game

$STAR Staking Bonus

Earn StarForce points through $STAR staking to boost your Hero progression with bonus experience and gain extra StarScore points on the Public Access Leaderboard.

Go stake your $STAR here: https://starheroes.community/staking

Tournament Map Shards

Stay tuned for the updates as we’re cooking something up for the Map Shard Sale participants.

Duty Balance

To send your Heroes on missions, you must top-up your account in the Hero Duty App (called Duty Balance) with $STAR tokens.

Attention! Once you topped up, you will NOT be able to withdraw your $STAR tokens!

Connect your GameSwift Account

To (1) see your StarScore in the Hero Duty App and (2) add them to the in-game Leaderboard you need to follow these steps:

  • Pick StarHeroes in the game tab

  • Select ANY of the optional wallet types:

If there is no linked GameSwift account, the user can still use the Hero Duty App, but StarScore points will not be credited to the Leaderboard!

Gain a head start!

The Hero Web Duty App introduces a unique way of interacting with your NFTs. By seamlessly integrating missions, leveling up, and Leaderboard advancement, the Duty App allows you to elevate your Hero NFTs’ market value, and dominate the Leaderboard with strategic prowess.

Join us in the adventure today and unleash the full potential of your Heroes in StarHeroes!

Start your Hero duty here: https://duty.starheroes.community/.

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