Hero levelling is at the forefront, offering incremental enhancements across 10 levels. Heroes, influenced by Faction attributes, significantly impact HeroScore, as well as MatchScore, and therefore contribute to Leaderboard success. The strategic acquisition, visual progression, and skilful combinations make Hero levelling a pivotal aspect, defining a player's strategic journey in the game. Let's explore the concise intricacies of Hero progression.

  1. Hero Progression:

    • Heroes can progress through a maximum of 10 levels.

    • Incremental advancements require active gameplay, contributing to a Hero's overall effectiveness.

  2. Visual Progression:

    • Hero frames evolve aesthetically with each level, reflecting the Hero's growing prowess.

    • This visual progression enhances the immersive experience and showcases a player's dedication.

  3. Leaderboard Significance:

    • Heroes contribute significantly to earning StarScore, making hero levelling a key aspect of strategic progression.

    • Higher-level Heroes enhance a player's chances of climbing the leaderboard ranks.

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