There are two leaderboards in StarHeroes: the Main Leaderboard and the Skill Leaderboard, accessible at https://leaderboard.starheroes.io/. The Main Leaderboard not only generates revenue and enhances our social reach but also rewards players with STAR tokens at the end of each Season. On the other hand, the Skill Leaderboard doesn't directly contribute to revenue; instead, it serves as a marketing tool to bolster our esports narrative.

Main Leaderboard

The main incentive for web3 players is our seasonal leaderboard, which grants top players a STAR token airdrop. Each season lasts between 4 to 6 weeks, and at the start of each new season, players begin earning points anew. Learn more about the Main Leaderboard here.

Skill Leaderboard

The Skill Leaderboard is designed to sort players based on our custom matchmaking formula. This formula is crafted to reward players who consistently win matches and demonstrate superior performance while penalizing those who lose and underperform. Its objective is to accurately reflect players' understanding of in-game mechanics and their quick reflexes.

Understanding the intricacies of the Leaderboard is essential for players aiming to secure a position in the top ranks, claim lucrative rewards, and strategically navigate the competitive landscape each season.

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