By choosing the StarPush mode, you will engage in ranked game sessions based on matchmaking. Only this mode lets you progress in the leaderboard ranking!

StarPush is an intense multiplayer game mode where players navigate through three phases, collecting StarDust to gain advantages. From battling enemy ships to pushing pivotal objects like Anomaly Augments and the crucial Star Seed, teams compete for bonuses and attempt an immediate win.

I. Phase 1 - Preparation phase (lasts 3 minutes)

During this phase, players should mainly focus on flying across the map and collecting StarDust. StarDust is collected in three ways:

  • By destroying containers and collecting particles emitted from them.

  • By destroying enemy ships.

  • Through passive energy influx.

In the lower-left corner, there's information on the current amount of collected StarDust which can be used in the shop.

If one player gathers StarDust, the whole team receives the same amount, so it doesn't matter which player gathers it!

II. Phase 2 - Anomaly phase (3-10 minute of the game)

After 3 minutes of gameplay, the first Anomaly Augment will spawn in the middle of the map. This is an object that needs to be pushed by shooting at it. The direction from which we shoot at the object doesn't matter, only the amount of damage dealt matters. Pushing the Anomaly Augment to the end grants a random bonus to the team that pushed it. After being pushed, the Anomaly Augment respawns after 15 seconds, and it can be contested again.

Currently, there are three bonuses:

  • Increasing the hull's life by 600 points.

  • Increasing shield regeneration speed by 30%.

  • Increasing boost capacity and regeneration by 50%.

Remember that StarDust containers still spawn during Phase 2, albeit less frequently. It's still worth fighting for and collecting energy to upgrade your ship in the shop.

Phase 3 - Decisive phase

At the 10th-minute mark, the Anomaly Augment respawns, and after 15 seconds, the Star Seed spawns. Similar to the Anomaly Augment, the Star Seed is an object that needs to be pushed. However, it's more crucial than the Anomaly Augment.


If the game doesn't end by 15 minutes, Overtime occurs, and the Star Seed starts moving faster, which should help conclude the match.

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