In StarHeroes, Heroes take centre stage as unique NFTs, each possessing distinctive Factions, abilities, and levels. These NFT Heroes contribute significantly to your Leaderboard success through the HeroScore and the MatchScore. Acquiring, levelling, and strategically combining Heroes become key decisions, shaping the player's journey in this dynamic gaming experience.

Hero Duty Web App

Within our dedicated web browser game module (Hero Duty Web App), Hero holders will be able to undertake the following actions, each requiring STAR:

  1. Sending Heroes on missions for experience points

  2. Accelerating Hero mission time,

  3. Levelling up Heroes that have accumulated sufficient experience.

Since missions require time for completion, each Hero can only undertake a finite number of missions daily. Consequently, a Hero's level becomes a pivotal characteristic, determining its market value.

Heroes with higher levels yield greater HeroScores when dispatched on missions and boost a player's MatchScore when chosen in-game.

Wallets staking a requisite amount of STAR will receive bonus HeroScores and experience when dispatching Heroes on Missions. This feature aims to provide an additional utility to the STAR token.

  1. Diverse Hero Options:

    • Players can choose from an unlimited pool of Heroes, each with unique attributes.

    • The Heroes are not ship-specific, offering flexibility in strategic choices.

  2. Acquisition and Cost Considerations:

    • Acquiring Heroes requires spending STAR.

    • The initial Hero purchase is a strategic decision, which influences the early game dynamics and lets you secure a pole position at the game launch.

  3. StarScore Impact:

    • Hero missions continually contribute to HeroScore.

    • The greater the amount of STAR a user stakes, the larger the HeroScore boost they receive.

    • Heroes play a significant role in boosting MatchScore, impacting overall earnings depending on their current level.

    • The higher the Hero level, the more substantial the impact on both HeroScore and MatchScore.

  4. Leaderboard Contribution:

    • Heroes contribute significantly to gathering StarScore, adding a strategic layer to the Hero gameplay usage.

    • Higher-level Heroes enhance the chances of climbing the leaderboard.

Understanding the nuances of the Hero system is essential for players to strategically select, level up, and synergize Heroes, thereby optimizing their overall gaming experience and climbing the Leaderboard.

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