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Container spawning frequency

In Phase 1, containers spawn every 30 seconds. In Phases 2 and 3, containers spawn every 90 seconds, but they also provide 3 times more energy.

Bounty system

An initial version of the bounty system has been implemented. By default, destroying an enemy ship adds 150 StarDust, and 75 for an assist (to be divided among assisting players). However, if a player has been destroyed multiple times in a row or has destroyed enemy ships multiple times in a row, a bounty will be placed on them. The bounty value can be viewed on the leaderboard.

Anomaly Augment - comeback and accumulation mechanics

If Team A has already pushed several Anomaly Augments, pushing additional ones will be slightly more difficult - the damage dealt to the anomaly will be lower than before. This mechanic aims to facilitate a comeback for the losing team.

Accumulation Mechanic

As the game progresses, damage increases. The maximum amount of damage and charges that the anomaly can take also increases over time in the match. This means that by the 9th minute, the Anomaly Augment will move faster than it did in the 3rd minute.

Respawn time extension

Respawn time becomes longer as the game goes on.


We introduce the reconnect mechanic. If you're kicked out of the game for any reason, there's now an option to return to the game.

Tips on how to play and win

Collecting StarDust from containers is VERY IMPORTANT! Having a strong economy is even more important than destroying enemy ships, but destroying enemy ships provides time to gain that advantage. Instant respawn is very useful in the final phase of the game - it's worth saving some StarDust before to be able to return to battle quickly. The Laser is a unique weapon that deals increased damage to Anomaly Augments and Star Seeds. Although it's not the best weapon in combat, it's very useful for pushing.

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