In the StarHeroes Game, a player has a variety of Spaceships to choose from. Divided into 5 classes that determine their stats, as well as passive and active abilities. Each enables a unique playstyle and specifications.


Highly mobile and agile spacecraft, equipped with formidable firepower. Designed to fit the aggressive role of the team, allows the player to make incredible maneuvers aimed to score a high kill streak. Shooter makes for a perfect fit for players who like to go into the center of the action and are blessed with agile fingers trained in fps games.


A class designed to soak up incoming damage and control the battlefield from up close. Tanks are characterized by the highest passive health and reinforced armor making them able to withstand the worst onslaught. These behemoths are created for players who enjoy dominating the battlefield with mobile fortresses among the stars.


The most tactical class out of all 3. Support ships are equipped with a variety of tools enabling the player to shape the battlefield. Whether it be by keeping their allied ships alive or enhancing their firepower, while still adding up to the damage. This class is made for those who like to pull the strings of events in a Machiavellian style.

Details about the upcoming two new classes are coming soon 👀

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