StarScore is a metric used in the Main Leaderboard system to rank players based on various factors. This score is primarily influenced by three components:

  • HeroScore: Reflects the amount of money invested in the game ecosystem.

  • MatchScore: Reflects the amount of money invested and the time spent playing the game.

  • SocialScore: Indicates how active a player is in referring other players to the game.

The sum of these components for a given day is known as the DailyScore. At 00:00 UTC, the DailyScore is added to each player's StarScore, refreshing the Main Leaderboard once a day.


MatchScore is awarded to players after each game, determined by an implicit formula undisclosed to players, allowing for speculation and strategy. It considers not only gameplay performance but also the player's investment in the game.

To prevent players from excessively farming MatchScore, StarScore typically aggregates only the top 3 MatchScores from a given day. Players can increase this limit by purchasing fuel, which doesn't restrict gameplay like energy systems in mobile games but encourages consistent daily play. By buying fuel with G-Bucks, players can raise their daily MatchScore limit, with different variants and prices available. Premium fuels may even offer a MatchScore boost for enhanced performance. Staking STAR gives a significant boost to the acquired MatchScore.

Periodic Events and MatchScore Opportunities:

  • Periodic events introduce variations, such as "this weekend gains more MatchScore with a Degen Hero."

  • Players stay engaged and informed through game social media, adapting strategies to capitalize on event-specific MatchScore boosts.


HeroScore is obtained by dispatching NFT Heroes on missions. Users can send their Heroes on Missions using the Hero Module.

Staking STAR offers a significant boost to the HeroScore obtained through the accomplishment of missions.


SocialScore is a component of all MatchScores attributed to players referred on a specific day. As previously mentioned, MatchScore is influenced by both a player's investment and time spent, making it essential for KOLs to motivate their referred players to invest both money and time into StarHeroes.

The StarScore metric reflects not only in-game performance but also the player's investment and commitment, creating a dynamic and competitive gaming environment. Intricacies of MatchScore composition and leveraging periodic events are essential strategies for players aiming to climb the Leaderboard.

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