Seasons are the heartbeat of the game, shaping challenges and opportunities in 4 to 8-week cycles. They influence Spaceship upgrades, Hero advancements, and overall gameplay. Mastering the ebb and flow of Seasons is key to strategic optimization. Let's delve into the brief intricacies of the Season system.

Season 1 Airdrop Campaign will last 8 weeks between May 21st and July 16th 2024.

  1. Timely Resets:

    • Seasons, spanning 4 to 8 weeks, provide a structured and timed framework for gameplay.

    • Each Season brings a fresh start, resetting the gaming landscape and introducing new challenges.

  2. Ship and Hero Progression:

    • Seasons play a pivotal role in Spaceship upgrades and Hero advancements.

    • The timed nature of Seasons adds urgency and strategic depth to progression decisions.

  3. Dynamic Challenges:

    • Varied challenges unfold within each season, creating a dynamic and evolving gaming environment.

    • Players must adapt strategies based on the unique challenges presented during a season.

  4. Leaderboard Intensity:

    • The Leaderboard, resetting with each season, fuels intense competition among players.

    • Strategic decisions during a season impact a player's position and potential rewards.

  5. Premium Visuals and Strategy:

    • Premium visuals provide more than just aesthetics; they also affect the acquisition of StarScore through the Hangar Level.

    • The seasonal nature adds a strategic layer to colour selection and its potential impact on the.

  6. Fuel Gauge and Matchplay:

    • The fuel gauge, tied to seasons, visually represents the number of matches a player can engage in.

    • Seasons shape the intensity of matchplay and contribute to leaderboard standings.

  7. End-of-Season Rewards:

    • Players are rewarded based on their final standing at the end of each season.

    • Top players receive substantial token rewards vested over a short period, adding a competitive edge.

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