🦾Hero NFT Sale

Ready to build your Galactic Army and dominate the StarHeroes Public Access leaderboard? Or maybe just willing to maximize your Hero NFTs’ trade value?

Our primary Hero NFT collection lets you do both through the Hero Duty Web App. Discover why you need your Heroes, why you need to act fast, and how they’ll revolutionize your $STAR adventure.

Hero Sale — Basic Info

Below you’ll find all key info on the Hero Sale. Remember — time matters! The earlier Hero tier you get, the higher your score in the Hero Sale Leaderboard:

  • Sale duration: 18:00 UTC April 18th to 18:00 UTC April 25th

  • Mint: available at jungleart.ai starting on April 26th

  • Quantity: there will be a total of 102k Hero NFTs, including:

95250 Heroes available for sale to the public (no WL spots required)

1280 free Heroes for FCFS WL spots holders

720 free Heroes for Guaranteed WL spots holders

4750 Heroes strategically reserved for StarHeroes Treasury

  • Whitelist spots (guaranteed + FCFS): check your eligibility under this link

  • Price: 55 STAR per Hero

  • Hero tiers: 15 tiers with decreasing point multipliers (10x in the first tier)

  • Base Revenue Airdrop Points per Hero: 10

  • Blockchain: Arbitrum

  • Max cap per transaction: 100 Heroes

Incentives: double points & head start in Public Access

With double points rewards, an early advantage in Public Access, participants can secure revenue-boosting opportunities, early Heroes progression in the Hero Duty Web App, and way more…

#1 Double Points

All Hero Sale participants earn double points in the Hero Sale Leaderboard:

  1. Revenue Airdrop Points which:

  • grant you a guaranteed share in the game’s revenue from the upcoming seasons - but only if you make it to the Top 888 in the Hero Sale Leaderboard!

  • enable unlocking 25% on your remaining locked $STAR airdrop (read more)

2. JungleArt Points

Strategic partnerships mean potential rewards for everyone involved. So stay tuned for updates 👀

#2 Head Start in Public Access

The game is simple: by owning multiple Heroes and sending them on missions in the Hero Web Duty App, you will:

  • boost your score in the Public Access leaderboard which means you gain higher $STAR rewards

  • increase your Heroes’ trade value, as you might sell your upgraded Heroes to others

So get ahead of the curve and position yourself for early leveling and progression in the Hero Duty Web App from April 26th!

Hero Sale: Tier, Points, Multipliers & Leaderboard

The Hero Sale is based on the point system with tiers, multipliers, and the dedicated Hero Sale Leaderboard.

You can learn about how the point system works via this link.

Double Points

By purchasing each Hero, you earn two kinds of points:

Revenue Airdrop Points which determine your position in the Hero Sale Leaderboard available on the Sale page at the Sale launch

JungleArt Points — these are points granted within our exclusive partnership with JungleArt.AI. They are awarded by the JungleArt Team on separately from the Revenue Airdrop Points and do not affect your Hero Sale Leaderboard Position.

Revenue Airdrop Points

  • The base Revenue Airdrop Point value per Hero is 10

  • The earlier the Hero tier, the higher your multiplier of the base Revenue Airdrop Points.

  • The Revenue Airdrop Points are calculated by multiplying the base Revenue Airdrop Points and the given tier multiplier

  • The multiplier for tier 1 equals 10x. The multiplier decreases by 8% with each tier.

  • The quantity of Heroes in each tier increases by 550.

You can learn more about the point system via this link.

Referral links

Ready to boost your Revenue Airdrop Point score? It’s simple! Just take advantage of your referral link and share them with the world:

  • Referrers receive 25% of the referred person’s Revenue Airdrop Points.

  • Purchasing through a referral link adds 10% more Revenue Airdrop Points.

Whitelist spots

All wallet addresses on the Whitelist, including both guaranteed and FCFS, will receive 100 Revenue Airdrop Points in the Hero Sale Leaderboard without the requirement of purchasing or minting any Heroes.

It’s important to note that we solely provide Revenue Airdrop points, not Jungleart points.

The minting rounds for the guaranteed and FCFS round will run similarly to typical marketplace platforms, e.g. within specified time windows that will be announced in advance.

Check if you’re eligible here.

Why It’s Bullish for $STAR?

The Hero Sale is set to spark a surge in buying pressure, and here’s why:

  • The Hero Sale is set to take over 5 238 750 $STAR off the market

  • The introduction of the Hero Duty Web App adds another set of utilities to the $STAR token: ♦️ Sending your Heroes on missions with $STAR ♦️ Reducing Hero mission time with $STAR ♦️ Leveling up your Heroes with $STAR

That’s some galactic utilities, aren’t they? 🔥

What If I Don’t Buy Now?

Waiting to get your Heroes for later could mean missing out on the opportunity to secure your share in the game’s revenue and early advantage in Public Access. So take your chance to climb up the Hero Sale leaderboard now! Don’t let this opportunity pass you by.

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