🦸Quests Airdrop Campaign

Complete quests, prove your engagement and claim $STAR Rewards!

The StarHeroes Quests Airdrop Campaign is a unique opportunity for participants to earn ORB points and $STAR by engaging in social activities and completing in-game quests.

The Campaign, which launched on May 18th at 2 PM UTC, marks the final step before the grand launch of StarHeroes Season 1 — Airdrop Campaign on May 21st at 4 PM UTC.

Important: StarHeroes Quests Campaign and Season 1 Airdrop Campaign are separate campaigns, each with a dedicated $STAR prize pool.

Quests Campaign Details

  • Campaign Start Date: May 18th at 2 PM UTC

  • Campaign End Date: July 16th, coinciding with the end of the game Season 1

StarHeroes Season 1 Airdrop Campaign — launching on May 21st

Get ready to climb the Season 1 Leaderboard by reading the StarHeroes Playbook 📖

You can already start earning StarScore for the Season 1 Leaderboard:

The more StarScore you earn, the higher your $STAR rewards in Season 1!

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StarHeroes Quests Campaign — Benefits

By completing social quests and upcoming in-game quests in the StarHeroes Quests Campaign, you accumulate ORB points which offer several benefits:


The more engaged you are in the campaign, the more ORBS you earn, leading to higher $STAR Airdrop rewards.

2. StarHeroes Beta Airdrop UNLOCK

Participants in the previous Beta Airdrop Campaign need ORBS to unlock the final part of their airdrop (= to complete the 3rd unlock mission). The third mission requires collecting 200,000 ORBs.

New quests will be added continuously. Don’t worry about collecting 200,000 ORBS immediately; it’s an achievable goal over time.

How to Earn ORBS

1. Social Quests and upcoming In-Game Quests

Complete tasks of varying difficulty levels:

  • Social Quests: Engage with social media activities.

  • In-Game Quests (upcoming): Completing these missions will earn you ORBs and enhance your progress in the game, helping you climb the StarScore leaderboard.

2. Referral System

Multiply your ORBS earnings by referring others to join the campaign. This accelerates your progress and unlocks greater rewards.

Join the game!

The StarHeroes Quests Airdrop Campaign blends social engagement with gaming, providing a rewarding experience for participants. Prepare to dive into this new dimension of rewards starting May 18th. And gear up already now for the StarHeroes Season 1 Airdrop Campaign starting on May 21!

To begin your journey, visit: https://starheroes.io/socialfi

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