STAR Staking

Introducing gamified $STAR staking - the key to boosting your $STAR earnings and securing a key advantage in the upcoming StarHeroes Public Access - Season 1.

$STAR staking will become available starting April 4th, 2024, at 16:00 UTC at on Arbitrum network.

Staking $STAR during the first 24 hours gives you a 10x boost to your StarForce multiplier 🚨

Gamified staking - benefits

Gamified $STAR staking represents a ground-breaking approach to staking, as it will offer a multitude of utilities in the game ecosystem and our upcoming products:

  • Staking $STAR will facilitate unlocking the remaining 50% of your $STAR airdrop

  • Stakers will receive attractive APY (Annual Percentage Yield) which increases with each staking pool

  • By staking $STAR you will score points called StarForce. The more StarForce you score, the greater your advantage in the upcoming Public Access and the faster your airdrop unlock.

During the first 24 hours after the staking launch, all StarForce multipliers will be amplified by 10X!

StarForce points

StarForce are backend ecosystem points generated linearly with a multiplier depending on a staking pool. The more StarForce points you score, the better you position yourself for the upcoming Public Access. How does this work?

StarForce points:

  • boost your Hero NFT progression with extra experience points

  • boost your leaderboard position in Public Access with extra HeroScore points (=higher $STAR rewards)

  • faciliate unlocking the remaining 50% of your $STAR Airdrop from StarHeroes Beta Season 2

DURING THE FIRST 24 HOURS, ALL STARFORCE MULTIPLIERS ARE AMPLIFIED BY 10X. This gives you a 10-day head start in claiming your $STAR airdrop!

Staking Pools

$STAR holders have four staking pools to choose from:

  1. Nebula Pool: 15-day unbonding period, 1x StarForce multiplier, 3% APY

  2. Comet Pool: 45-day unbonding period, 2x StarForce multiplier, 4% APY

  3. Galaxy Pool: 90-day unbonding period, 3x StarForce multiplier, 5.5% APY

  4. Supernova Pool: 180-day unbonding period, 6x StarForce multiplier, 8% APY.

How are the StarForce points generated?

  • The longer the staking period, the higher the StarForce generated.

  • The more tokens staked, the higher the StarForce generated.

This means that staking 1 $STAR in the 15-day pool generates 1 StarForce weekly, while staking 100 $STAR in the same pool generates 100 points.


  • John has 100 $STAR in the Nebula Pool and generates 100 StarForce per week.

  • Dick has 100 $STAR in the Galaxy Pool and 200 $STAR in the Comet Pool and generates a total of 500 StarForce per week (300+200). Since Dick has staked his tokens immediately after the staking was launched this additionally generated about 714 StarForce only during the first 24 hours.


When users initiate unbonding, they stop generating points and rewards in $STAR. They can shorten the unbonding period by paying a burn fee, which linearly decreases to 0 over time.

Initial fees:

  1. Nebula Pool: 15 days — 6% fee

  2. Comet Pool: 45 days — 18% fee

  3. Galaxy Pool: 90 days — 36% fee

  4. Supernova Pool: 180d — 72% fee

Users can always interrupt unbonding and return to staking if they wish.

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