STAR Token

STAR is the native multi-utility governance token of the StarHeroes game issued by StarHeroes DAO. STAR as an ERC-20 blockchain token, is tradeable in various venues, including Centralized and Decentralized Exchanges.

From the outset, the STAR token serves as the primary tool for decentralizing the protocol and establishing StarHeroes as a community-owned, truly web3 competitive game title. Nevertheless, it's important to note that the game's economy and tokenomics design work in tandem, empowering STAR holders to capitalize on the game's success and adoption. STAR also has multiple token value accrual mechanisms based on the in-game and blockchain utility.

STAR utility:

  • Purchase of Hero NFT's

  • Levelling-up of the player’s NFT Hero

  • Purchase of missions for the player’s NFT Hero

  • Purchase of a feature that reduces mission time for the player’s NFT Hero

  • Staking which provides an additional boost to StarScore in the Hero Duty Web App

  • Share in Real Yield from the StarHeroes proceeds including Marketplace transactions

  • Governance

  • STAR may serve as a currency for Marketplace transactions.

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