๐Ÿ“œNFT Tournament Maps

NFT Tournament Maps offer a unique opportunity for community members to become Early Founders of the First Decentralized Esports Tournament, taking place in StarHeroes.

  • These Maps are fractionalized parts - Shards - of the three game mapsโ€”Nox Colony, Lunis Station, and Degen Arenaโ€”used in StarHeroes.

  • Each Map Shard grants co-ownership rights to the respective map, similar to shares in companies.

  • In addition to these benefits, Map Sale participants have the opportunity to receive an initial airdrop of the STAR token as part of the campaign rewards.

  • This innovative approach empowers individuals to actively participate in and contribute to the decentralized esports ecosystem while reaping the rewards of their involvement.

  • As the first truly decentralized web3 gaming maps, Map Shards owners enjoy perpetual rights to various revenue streams and in-game utilities.

NFT Tournament Map Shard utility:

  • Season 1 Leaderboard Airdrop Score Boost

  • Revenue share from Duel Fees

  • Revenue share from the commercialization of Decentralized Tournaments

  • Marketing exposure during tournaments for top Map Shard shareholders.

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