ℹ️Map Sale FAQ

I. What’s going on with the Decentralized Esports Tournament?

Decentralized Esports Tournaments in StarHeroes represent a paradigm shift in the esports industry, offering unparalleled opportunities for community engagement, transparency, and financial participation. Participating in the limited NFT Map Sale campaign allows you to become an Early Founder of this event. Learn more about the Decentralized Esports Tournament here.

II. Why are you fractionalizing game maps?

Currently, in StarHeroes there are 3 game maps available: Nox Colony, Lunis Station and Degen Arena. We've decided to take advantage of the blockchain and NFT technology to fractionalize these game maps into multiple pieces and therefore make them fully decentralized and community-owned.

III. What will you do with the money raised during this campaign?

Funds raised during this event will be used for organizing the first-ever Decentralized Esports Tournament and funding its prize pools.

IV. Why do I need a Map?

NFT Tournament Maps are a vital element of the StarHeroes game economy and possess multiple utilities.

NFT Tournament Map utility:

  • Initial STAR Token Airdrop

  • Upcoming Early Access - Season 1 Leaderboard Airdrop Score Boost

  • Revenue share from Duel Fees within the player-to-player betting system

  • Revenue share from the commercialization of Decentralized Tournaments

  • Marketing exposure during tournaments for top map shareholders.

Based on the Map Sale leaderboard score, purchasing the NFT Tournament Map during the campaign will grant you access to the STAR Token Airdrop.

V. Which Map am I purchasing?

You are purchasing a random fractionalized piece of one of the 3 game maps available in StarHeroes: Nox Colony, Lunis Station and Degen Arena. Upon the NFT Mint, you will get to know which exactly you have acquired. It's also possible to purchase multiple NFT Tournament Maps and maximize the chance to get a piece of each game map available in StarHeroes.

VI. Why are you not limiting the amount of offered Tournament Maps?

We didn't want to limit the decentralization and community ownership of the Tournament. Limiting the amount of Maps would also negatively impact the reach of the campaign and the value of prize pools offered to players.

VII. What are the rewards?

Rewards for the Map Sale participants are as follows:

  • Top 1-500: Guaranteed Initial STAR Token Airdrop

  • Top 501 - rest: Conditioned Initial STAR Token Airdrop based on fulfilling other conditions mentioned in previous campaigns (Galxe, Zealy, Space Elite 2.0)

  • All participants: Guaranteed G-Bucks Airdrop

VIII. What is STAR Token?

STAR is the native multi-utility governance token of the StarHeroes game.

STAR has multiple token value accrual mechanisms based on the in-game and blockchain utility. Learn more about the STAR Tokenomics here.

STAR utility:

  • Purchase of Hero NFT's

  • Levelling-up of the player’s NFT Hero

  • Purchase of missions for the player’s NFT Hero

  • Purchase of a feature that reduces mission time for the player’s NFT Hero

  • Staking which provides an additional boost to the HeroScore and MatchScore

  • Share in Real Yield from the StarHeroes proceeds including Marketplace transactions

  • Governance

  • STAR may serve as a currency for Marketplace transactions.

IX. What is G-Bucks?

G-Bucks: advanced virtual assets purchasable with USDT/USDC. Subject to the discount system introduced by GS Pay. G-Bucks has a vast utility within the StarHeroes game, being required for purchasing in-game items such as Spaceships and Premium Features.

X. How can I get more Airdrop Points?

You can get more Airdrop Points by doing two activities:

1) purchasing more NFT Tournament Maps

2) referring more friends who purchase NFT Tournament Maps. The earlier you participate, the more Airdrop Points you get.

XI. When will take place the Mint of the purchased Map Fragments?

The Mint will be announced later on, after the Map Sale conclusion.

XII. When will be the first Decentralized Esports Tournament?

The Tournament will be announced later on, after the Map Sale conclusion.

XIII. What is the Map price?

Each Map costs 0,006888 ETH which is around $23 based on that ETH is $3400.

XIV. How many Maps can I purchase?

You can buy as many Maps as you wish providing that you will do it before the campaign is finished. However, to ensure that the distribution is fair, during the first 1st hour after the campaign launch, the maximum purchase quantity per wallet is 100 Maps. After this initial period, the limit is lifted and you can purchase as many Maps as you wish.

By buying more Maps you will make a greater impact and get more Airdrop Points.

XV. How many Airdrop Points will I get for purchasing the Map?

That depends on when you will purchase and which multiplier will be provided during your purchase time. For example, purchasing 1 Map from the First Tier will get you 100 Airdrop Points (10 base points x 10 multiplier).

XVI. How many Airdrop Points will I get for referring friends?

You will get 25% of the Airdrop Points of your referred friends. For example, if your Friends will buy Maps and obtain 1000 Airdrop Points, you will be granted 250 Airdrop Points.

XVII. How much Airdrop will I get?

That depends on your place in the leaderboard. The higher your place on the leaderboard, the larger airdrop you will get.

XVIII. Which chains does the sale support?

Arbitrum and Ethereum.

XIX. Can I buy a Map on the secondary market to get an Airdrop?

No, that's not possible. Only Tournament Map Sale participants are granted this opportunity.

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